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    We recently switched over to using multiple bins for products and our picking tickets are printing out every bin that the item in is. I am trying to get it to print only in the preferred bin, as that is out pick bin. The code shows the table that is printing the table with the values, the third column, Bin/Location is printing out every bin for each it. ${item.inventorydetail}

    I have tried to do a few things. I tried to wrap the column in an < #if item.item.preferredbin == 'T'> but that just printed our blank lines. However if I put {$item.item.preferredbin} then it print out T. I tried just printing out a lot of different combinations such as {$item.preferredbin}, ${} tried going through location as well, but nothing is working.

    I have been looking around the Record Browser to find the correct relationship and it doesn’t look like there is the relationship from the Sales Order to the preferred bin that I am looking for, or I just can’t figure it out. I have added some screen shots of the record browsers and some ways that I have been trying to get the information, but can’t seem to get it.

    HTML Code:

    < #list record.item as item>< #if item_index==0>

    Item Description Bin/Location Qty # Pick Units Notes
    ${item.item} ${item.description} ${item.inventorydetail} ${item.quantitycommitted}   ${item.units} ${item.custcol_kcd_printed_item_notes}

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    Welcome to the fun times of bins, picking tickets, and advanced pdf forms. The short answer is that NetSuite does not support those fields in the advanced forms. The workaround I’ve seen is to create a custom column field on the transaction that sources the preferred bin, and then printing that on the picking ticket form. However that won’t help if that bin is empty and you have stock in another bin…

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    So much fun

    I’ll give that a try. Thanks.

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